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 You Rocked Me Like A Hurricane


YOU ROCKED ME LIKE A HURRICANE —  It’s funny in that these songs sort of take on a life of their own.  There are sounds or phrases that remind the listener of something from their past, and in this case (I don’t know why, exactly...), The Beatles ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ popped into my head…I think perhaps after I used my Tal Farlow Jazz guitar and played a line reminiscent of that classic old tune, but next thing I knew, I added the piano part, and later an organ and strings.  I first started recording using a Fender P-Bass, and then recorded my old Gretsch drums.  The brighter guitar parts were played using my Fender 'Mary Kay’ Strat, and there are little bits of chimes through in at the very end (Because who the hell doesn’t hear chimes when the wind’s a' blowin’?!).  

I should add that Glenn wrote this right as a hurricane was scheduled to hit South Carolina where he lives.  It cracks me up that he seems to be able to write about most anything using whatever comes his way as some sort of inspiration…LOL!  



I Believe I'll Have Another Beer


This song, reminiscent of Jimmie Buffet, called for that Caribbean Island type sound that had me putting all types of percussion stuff on there: Congas, steel drums, bongos and tom-tom fills.  I used my Martin J-40 for the acoustic fills over Glenn’s rhythm playing, and recorded that after doing the bass and drum parts.  There’s also pedal steel guitar, organ, and even chimes interspersed at intervals.    Glenn wrote this with his own surroundings in mind...'Horlbeck Creek,' mentioned at the beginning of the tune is right next to his house, and it’s basically a portrayal of the relaxed South Carolina coastal scene and the desire for refreshing libations at the end of a warm Summer’s day.  Cheers!  :)  




Take A Ride On My Tractor

I started out doing the bass track using my Fender P-Bass and then added the Martin acoustic guitar, my J-40.  I used my Mary-Kaye Strat for the plucky bright sounds, combining the rear and middle pickups in order to get that familiar tone, and I recorded direct into the console.  The drum track was fairly straight ahead, and I added a tambourine to the mix just for fun.  The slide parts were done using a regal Dobro guitar.  —  The bass part was kinda fun…reminded me of a McCartney type riff when it goes into that eight-note feel, otherwise it’s a pretty straight simple Country groove.  —  Enjoy!















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